AF guidelines

Many guidelines exist for AF. These have been split into local and national guidelines. (External links are not controlled by the network.)

Clinical guidelines

  • Acute management of AF (GSTT, 02/2019)
    AF is a common presenting complaint to the A&E department and aprevalent comorbidity in patients admitted to hospital for other cardiac and non-cardiac reasons. This guidance provides a rational approach to the acute management of newly-diagnosed AF.
  • Guidelines for the management of new onset AF following cardiac surgery (GSTT, 02/2019)
    Post operative AF (POAF) is defined as new-onset AF occurring after surgery but prior to hospital discharge. This common complication of cardiac surgery occurs in up to 30% of patients following coronary artery bypass grafting and up to 50% of patients following valve surgery.
  • Guidance for listing patients for ablation of persistent AF (South London Cardiac ODN, 06/2019)
    This provides criteria and considerations for patients listed for persistent AF ablation.

National guidelines