The South London Cardiac ODN today submitted two entries to the annual HSJ awards, noting exceptional achievements in two key areas of work: collaborative procurement and multidisciplinary team (MDT) working.

  • The South London  MDT meetings were submitted under the Acute Sector Innovation of the Year category. Extensive network engagement and piloting of successful virtual MDTs led to a wider rollout for an expanded 5 day joint cardiothoracic- cardiology (JCC) service and virtual MDTs across all cardiac sub specialties, hosted by the three south London tertiary trusts. .
  • In conjunction with NHS Supply Chain, the ODN submitted an entry for collaborative working in the strategic procurement. This submission details the innovative clinician-led and evidence-based approach to procuring the safest and best percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) products for five trusts. Pooling clinician expertise and leveraging network relationships to consolidate buying power, the trusts achieved the lowest prices seen in the NHS and £1.3 million annual savings to benefit trusts.