The COVID-19 pandemic has made us work in a different way to ensure excellent patient care. This includes multidisciplinary team meetings.

South London JCCs

Promotional poster for south London MDTs
Download the MDT promotional poster

We have now launched our daily (5 day) virtual South London joint cardiology-cardiac (JCC) service hosted by St Thomas’, King’s College and St George’s hospitals.

Held Monday through Friday at 8am on Microsoft Teams, the JCCs provide all referring clinicians with an open forum to discuss patient cases and obtain an immediate outcome.

All 8:00 – 9:00am. Please use the linked email addresses to refer patients to one of these centres for a JCC discussion.

GSTT (email)KCH (email)GSTT (email)KCH (email)SGUH (email)

Patient cases may be presented at any session, regardless of host. The patient will be transferred to the preferred trust for procedure, where required.

Our virtual network JCCs improve quality, optimise clinical time, and ensure that our patients receive fast, equitable access to specialist cardiac decision making and care. We welcome all clinical colleagues to participate (South London, Kent, Surrey, and Sussex).

Specialty MDTs

New daily multidisciplinary meetings have been established for cardiac and cardiology referrals across the region (south London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex).  Open to all clinicians, they provide a rapid, welcoming forum for clinicians to discuss and decide clinical cases.

Specialist care is then shared across the three south London tertiary sites – for safe, rapid care from required specialist teams.

Download the table of MDT meetings by specialty (pdf).

South London MDTs

Coronary JCCWednesday, 8-9am
Contact: Fardeen Choudhury
Tuesday, 8-9am
Contact: Fardeen Choudhury
Friday, 8-9am
Contact: Fardeen Choudhury
ACHD MDTWednesday, 9:15am-12pm
Contact: Aanesh Jadav
EP MDTTuesday, 8-9am
Contact: Anoop Shetty
Monday, 9-10am
Contact: Francis Murgatroyd
Monday, 8-9am
Contact: Manav Sohal
Heart failure MDTThursday, 1-2pm
Contact: Jess Webb
Wednesday, 12-2pm
Contact: Theresa McDonagh
Thursday, 8-9am
Contact: Nick Bunce
ICC MDTFriday, 1-2pm
Contact: Rachel Bastiaenen
Imaging: Echo MDTFriday, 8-10am
Contact: Jane Hancock
Thursday, 12:30-1:30pm
Contact: Mark Monaghan
Imaging: MRI MDTThursday, 9:30-10:30am
Contact: Amedeo Chiribiri
Infective endocarditis MDTWednesday, 8-9am
Contact: Jane Hancock
Monday, 9-10am
Contact: Rafał Dworakowski
Valve MDTMitral - Wednesday, 9-9:30am
Contact: Jane Hancock
Monday, 8-9am
Contact: KCH valve team
Aortic - Monday, 8-9am
Contact: Stephen Brecker